The race to escape Earth has begun. With the world's nations in decline, the shareholders turn to you and your massive corporation to take advantage of this opportunity, and ensure their safe retirement. You are humanity's last hope. Take the reins as CEO and venture out into space. Colonize profitable worlds, ensure brand loyalty among your customers, and save the human race.

About the Game

Disaster Looms! is a 2-4 player space exploration and colonization game, where each player takes on the role of the CEO of a massive global corporation in order to save humanity (and pad their own bank account). The game features a random, player-built map every game, a unique technology system, and gameplay designed to keep every player engaged and focused.
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Gameplay Video

Monthly QR Event

Bring some variety to your game by playing the QR Event Tile in your game. Each month you'll see a new event.

CEOs and Corporations - Expansion Pack

Expand your gameplay and give a face to your massive faceless corporation!
CEOs & Corporations, the first official expansion for Disaster Looms! includes all the things you need to play with 5 or 6 players, as well as all new exploration tiles, events, and technologies to provide new random variations to your game. Be the first to Salvage the Ruins of an Artificial World or take advantage of ominous Scientific Experimentation to fund your CEO's selfish goals.
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Downloadable Content

Scoring App for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Devices

The official companion scoring and encyclopedia application. Speed up and enhance your game with this free application.
  • Game scoring for 3-6 player games (with or without C&C expansion)
  • Encyclopedia containing descriptions of all CEOs, Corporations, Exploration Tiles and Technology Cards
  • Includes the Operation Manual for both the base game and CEOs and Corporations expansion

Disaster Looms! [Version 2.0] Operation Manual

The final version of the updated Second Edition Disaster Looms! rulebook is here! The new and improved, 44-page, all-encompassing, no-questions-left-behind rulebook is available to you to download and print.
Disaster Looms! [Version 2.0] Operation Manual (Digital Viewing Version)
Disaster Looms! [Version 2.0] Operation Manual (Printer Friendly Version)

Kickstarter Backer Exclusive! Damage Report: Save the Meteora Print-and-Play Sneak Preview

This ZIP file contains a print-and-play Sneak Preview of the first Damage Report scenerio 'Save the Meteora'. Disaster Looms! Kickstarter backers can access this exclusive content using the code provided in Kickstarter Backer Update #28 and 29.
Damage Report: Save the Meteora
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